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March Meeting - Decibels!

Category: Our Club Published: Sunday, 10 February 2019 Written by Craige Olson

What are decibels?


We've all heard the term decibels (dB), and may believe we have a good idea how they work and what they mean.  But do you really?  On Saturday March 9th, Bob Carter - WR7Q, will attempt to clear up some of the confusion.  He will share with us details explaining what the numbers mean and how they are determined.  When they are used correctly, or not!  Bob will show us how they relate to sound; power; coax and antennas.  Including why they matter.  Please join us for an informative, if not entertaining time. 



The meeting will be (the second Saturday – as always) at the Davis County Sheriff’s Office meeting room. Enter from the Northwest parking lot across the street from the Cinemark Theatre. Look for a lot of civilian vehicles with antennas

As always you are invited to the get-together before the meeting at the Golden Coral in Layton at 8 AM.


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