Program an HT

Category: New Hams Published: Monday, 06 June 2016 Written by Sean Crandall
It's possible (even likely) that your first transceiver will be a HT (handy-talky), like my little Baofeng UV-5RV2+. Once you unpack the little guy, you turn it on and realize there are more frequencies available than you know what to do with. Yo don't know where people are talking, or where to listen. The first thing I did was start scanning. This led me to find some interesting frequencies, but a scan can take a really long time, especially if you have a small frequency resolution in your scan. The next thing I did was look for interesting local frequencies in Davis County. Finally, I learned how to program my radio.   While manually programming is a useful skill (especially if you need to change things up on the fly), the easiest way to program an HT is with a programming cable. You can get these on Amazon or Ebay pretty cheap. Once you have a programming cable, you want to download a program like chirp ( Once you have a programming cable, you can use Chirp to setup channels on your radio.   I will be uploading a Chirp CSV (comm-separated values) file that is compatible with Baofeng radios. Chirp will be able to convert this into an "img" file that is compatible with your specific radio. You can then load it up, and listen in on those frequencies. (Note that as a ham, you are NOT authorized to talk on all these frequencies.) Perhaps the most useful frequency is channel 0 in my list: the local Antelope Island repeater. That has the most activity of all. Note that I'm a pretty new ham myself, so I can't guarantee that I have all of these frequencies programmed right, or that they will all work. So definitely experiment and improve.

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