Announcing the 2018 Utah VHF Society Swap Meet

Category: Club and Radio News Published: Wednesday, 28 February 2018 Written by Craige Olson

The 2018 Utah VHF Society Swap Meet will beheld on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at the Davis County Fairgrounds - the same location as the past several years.  The doors will open for general business at 9 AM with set-up for those selling beginning at 8 AM.

Just a reminder that your Utah VHF Society membership may be expiring at the end of this calendar year, so remember to renew:  This may be done via PayPal or old-fashioned snail mail - click HERE to find out how this may be done.  If you aren't sure when your membership lapses, check the 2017 expiry list (link).  This list will be updated in a few weeks with the most current information.

If you have not been to a Utah VHF Society swap meet - or if you don't remember how to get there - you can download detailed information about the event and how to get therefrom here.

See you there!

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