MESH at Antelope Island!

Category: Club and Radio News Published: Monday, 18 April 2016 Written by Chad Rapier

I got some exciting news yesterday that I want to share with everyone. Here's an email I got from Bill Moyes yesterday regarding an addition to Antelope Island:



Just to let you know, as club president, there is now an operational 3.4 GHz mesh node at the Antelope Island repeater site.  Yesterday, 4-16-16, Alan Malan KB7YSP, Trevor Paskett K7FPV and BIll Moyes N7IE installed the node, which had been designed by Trevor.  (As you recall, Trevor did a presentation on mesh at the March club meeting.)  

It was a cold and very windy day on the island, and especially for Trevor as he installed the radio and antenna on the tower!

Thanks to Brad Wilcox, KJ7NO, Davis County Sheriff's Department, for permission to use the site, Alan for securing access to the site and helping with equipment installation, and Trevor for his extensive design and integration of the equipment and bringing this to fruition. 

Putting a node on the Island has been a dream of mine since we were first introduced to the mesh concept by Chuck Killian WB6YOK and Gerald Hasty AD7QF a few years ago.

I believe Alan is going to have the webmaster get in touch with Trevor to do an article for the club web site.  I think an article in the newsletter would be appropriate, also.

There are some deliberate limitations on coverage in the south end of the county, which we hope will be overcome with time.  But, from my perspective, the complaint of the mesh not being accessible is a thing of the past!

The AREDN node (SSID=AREDN) is on AREDN Channel 98 (3.490 GHz) with a 20 MHz bandwidth.  Several 3.4 GHz nodes in Layton have excellent connectivity with the Island node.  (Find more info on AREDN at  The node name is "K7DAV-Antelope-M3.local.mesh".


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