May 14, 2016 - Club Meeting

Category: Club and Radio News Published: Saturday, 23 April 2016 Written by Gerald Hasty

Arduino, Banana Pi, Beagle Bone Black, Odroid, Raspberry Pi. You may have heard of them, but what do they have to do with Amateur Radio? The May 14th meeting, will be presented by Chuck Killian, WB6YOK, to show you why you need to know about them.  For under a hundred dollars in most cases, the world of radio and computers may combine into the most interesting uses.

The single board computer has fermented a revolution. Some of the possible uses in amateur radio: An APRS iGate, SDR transceiver, MDSR Spectrum Analyzer, TNC, JNOS, DAVP, AX.25, WSPR, and the list can go on and on; you get the picture.

So come to the meeting and see some of the uses that Chuck has put together. WB6YOK's presentation will focus on some of his personal projects and may show you the melding of RF with CPU power. What's the weather like? Come and find out.

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