New Section of the Website -- "Suggestions for New HAMs"

Category: Club and Radio News Published: Saturday, 21 May 2016 Written by Larry Claussen

A number of club members have mentioned to me that it would be helpful if there was a section on the website just for newly licensed Amateur Radio Operators.  It was first suggested that we should come up with a tips article so a new HAM would understand what they can and should do next.  As you may guess this is harder to come up with then you think.  We all have our own individual ideas of what we should and could do in the hobby and coming up with only one article to cover things would be difficult.  So to accomplish our goal of being a resource for each other we have created a new section in the website under the menu item Learn the Hobby called Suggestions for New HAMs.  

Now for the fun part.  This area is open for all Registered Members of the Davis County Amateur Radio Club to submit information for the public to read.  Once you log into the website you will see a new option under User Options entitled Submit an Article.  From this link you will be able to submit information to this category and have it appear for all to see!

A couple of quick suggestions.  When submitting an article to this area of the website please be specific with your comments.  Remember this is for new operators (or even us veterans) who may not understand what you are saying.  Keep it Simple.  Also, keep it legal.  Just like in school plagiarism is NOT OK.  If there is a web article you think we should read post the link and then summarize it.  Also remember to keep the comments specific to our Hobby -- Amateur Radio.  THIS isn't the place to tell everyone that the neighbor kids are selling stuff for school and we should all go and get it.   Finally Keep it Clean. 

If you are a member with rights to add articles to other categories please be sure to select the right category for your article before saving it. 

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to me through the webmaster e-mail address.

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