Repeater Update

Category: Club and Radio News Published: Monday, 03 October 2016 Written by Larry Claussen

This information is provided by Alan Malan (KB7YSP)

The 2m repeater on 147.04 with a tone of 123 is now C4FM capable.
You can use your Yaesu fusion radio with the 04 repeater and / or use 
your regular FM radio with the same repeater.
Give it a try and check out the capabilities.
Do some experimenting.
But above all, have some fun with it.
You will notice there is no courtesy tone, or hourly announcements.
Those will come later.

Just FYI:
Other news at the antelope island repeater site that the sheriffs 
office let's us use.
The sheriff's office has installed new solar panels and a new generator.
There is still work going on with that project but it's looking good.
Alan Malan

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