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The club maintains a repeater on Antelope Island. It is on 147.040+ MHz with PL of 123.0.


PL  Location   Notes
147.040+ MHz 123.0 Antelope  Fusion Repeater
 447.200- MHz  127.3 Antelope   Fusion Repeater - WiresX Connected
 449.925- MHz  100.0 North Salt Lake   Fusion Repeater - Linked to 147.42 MHz Simplex
 449.700- MHz  100.0 West Kaysville  Fusion Repeater
 53.01- MHz 141.3 Shepard Pk On-line - replaced antenna and duplexer 9/2017
145.070 MHz      Davis County Packet
145.1375 - MHZ KF7ZNS-C West Bountiful  D-Star-running ircDDBGateway (no registration)
447.975 - MHZ KF7ZNS-B West Bountiful  D-Star-running ircDDBGateway (no registration)

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DCARC 147.04 Repeater Site Photos

Photos courtesy Mike Collett & Roy Rasband

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