Aloha my friends

Category: DCARC Communicator - Newsletter Published: Tuesday, 06 December 2016 Written by Chad Rapier

December finds me out of state, working in Hawaii, so I bid you all a fond Aloha. I was not able to bring an HF rig with me, but I have my trustee Baofeng UV5R with me and intend to cause some havoc on the local 2M and 440 machines!

Though I will be unable to participate, I am excited for this Saturday's meeting and elections. I am aware of a number of people that have expressed interest in "stepping up to the plate" and offering their time to serve as club officers. To those people, regardless of who gets elected, I greatly appreciate your willingness to serve. The members of this club have such a vast array of knowledge, ability, and skills that there is little we cannot accomplish when we all work together at it. I am excited for what the future holds for the Davis County Amateur Radio Club. I pledge my support to whomever is elected, and will continue serving the club in the esteemed position of "Past President".

This is probably my last official communication as the Club President, and I want to thank each of you for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity. To the incoming officers, I offer a bit of advise:


1. Strive to start, and end, on time. As much as we enjoy this, we all have other places to be and other things we need to do too. I learned years ago as a Scout-Master in the BSA that if the meeting ends while people are still having fun, they are most likely going to come back for the next meeting.


2. Be willing to admit your ignorance. In my professional career I have learned that often the phrase"I don't know" is the most honest answer you can give. It's okay not to know. That's why we have numerous officers and leaders in the club, because no one person could know it all even if they tried.

3. Some things are urgent. Some things are important. On rare occasions something is both at the same time! Know the difference and keep that in mind when organizing and setting priorities. Don't confuse the two.


4. If you aren't having fun, then probably others around you aren't either. Strive to make even the most menial of tasks fun for not only yourself, but for others too. Fun is contagious, so light the fire with your smile and fan the flames with your can-do attitude. Soon others will be smiling too and it spreads like wildfire.


Aloha my friends. May you find peace and joy in whatever you celebrate this time of year and I look forward to seeing you all in 2017.


Chad Rapier, President






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