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Steve (Tony) Habovstak, WA7KKN, Silent Key

Category: SK Registry
Published: Thursday, 23 March 2017
Written by Joe Giraudo

Tony Habovstak, WA7KKN, of Layton passed away on Saturday, March 18th,
from cancer.  He is survived by his wife, Barbara.

A Memorial is scheduled for Friday, March 24th, from 9:00 a.m. until
10:50 a.m., with funeral services at 11:00 a.m.  Both will be held at
the Chelsie Park 2nd Ward (Major Meadows) Chapel, 2150 S 800 E, Clearfield.

Tony was active on HF and in the Layton West District MESH.  He loved to
ragchew on HF phone.  Tony had recently retired from the railroad safety
industry.  He was an engineer who owned his own design and manufacturing
company which built emergency braking systems for trains.

He will be missed!


Karen Anderson, KE7DOG - SK

Category: SK Registry
Published: Friday, 24 February 2017
Written by Joe Giraudo
Karen Ingrid Anderson KE7DOG-SK
Dec 11, 1953 – Feb 14, 2017 (63)
Karen was born on Fort Ord, Ca. to Norman Anderson and Faith Lieberman.  She leaves behind 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.  She married Gary Davis KE7MQF on Dec 31, 2006.  She insisted on waiting till he was old enough.
Karen was active in Northern Utah VOAD, Davis County ARES, and local Emergency Management.  Her favorite hobby was sitting on the couch in her home and playing internet games with her sisters and grandchildren. 
A remembrance will be held on 11 March, 2017 at the Murray City Girls and Boys Club in Murray City.  Start time will be 14:00 (2PM)

Karen Anderson

Category: SK Registry
Published: Thursday, 16 February 2017
Written by Joe Giraudo

Karen Anderson KE7DOG passed away in her home on 14 Feb.  A gathering of her friends and family will occur on 11 March at the Murray City Boys and Girls Club, located at 244 E Vine St, Murray, UT.  The events will start at 14:00 (2PM

AE7XO - Paul Alan Marwedel

Category: SK Registry
Published: Sunday, 01 May 2016
Written by Super User

In Memory of Paul Alan Marwedel

Born: July 26, 1946 - Died: May 1, 2014

Paul was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to Wilford Tadje and Edith Lee Young Marwedel, the third of six children.

He was a good-natured child and had many friends in Holladay where he grew up.

He attended Holladay Elementary, Olympus Jr. High and Olympus High Schools.  He then enlisted and served honorably in the U.S. Army.  Afterwards, he worked many years at Kennecott Copper.  Later he moved to the Ogden area and worked at a call center, where he met Laree Simonsen who has been a loving and supporting influence in his life.

He has two siblings who preceded him in death: Kenneth Marwedel, the oldest, and Karen Gregerson (Dave) who was the next to youngest.

His surviving siblings are Larry Marwedel (Linda), Mary Phillips (Earl) and Connie Stevens.

Paul really enjoyed belonging to the Davis County Amateur Radio Club.  They were a very central part of his enjoyment in life in the last year.

He loved learning, and was enrolled in an on-line college taking courses to graduate with a degree as a computer technician.

Even though he was plagued with many illnesses which put him in a wheelchair, and made many trips to the hospital in the last several years, he had a good attitude and was able to get on the bus and trains and get himself to where he needed to be.

This past week, everyone mentioned his jovial manner, his sense of humor and that he had a kind spirit.  However, his laughter was covering up the pain he was in.

We will miss you Paul, but we know you are in a better place.

W7CWK - John Mabey

Category: SK Registry
Published: Tuesday, 12 April 2016

If you are reading this obituary, you should know that the Cancer won the war and I lost.  I was the eldest of five children born to Beatrice Call and David Maeser Mabey. I was the first of 5 children, my sister Marco, and my brothers Steve, Karl and Gordon.
At the age of 7, I became interested in electronics. My Dad encouraged this interest and my career path was determined.  Dad had a radio repair business, and he helped me build my first crystal set radio. I also got my first ham radio license in high school where I took my first radio classes. I enrolled at the Radio Institute in SLC, where I became "Technician" class and my call sign changed to W7CWK. During this period in my life I was also enlisted and honored to serve my country for a number of years in the nation's first Special Forces Reserve Unit prior to my decades of service as a government contractor. After graduation from the institute I went to work for Sperry Utah Engineering Laboratory.  I married Mariam Jean O'Donnell in Feb. 1959. We had 3 children, Michael, Jeffrey, and Suzanne.  Mariam passed away in June of 1970.  I then married Kathleen Pearson in 1973, she has been a wonderful wife to me, and mother to our children.
To my 3 children, I wish I could express my love and appreciation for all your help.  I would also like to thank all my friends and associates for their support.  Special thanks to all my Ham radio friends, 73.
Throughout his 42 year career, John worked in the fascinating and changing world of "High Speed Communications", learning and developing new technologies.  One of his proudest accomplishments was the U2 program, spanning 30 years.  In 2000, just after his recent retirement, John was contacted by the Secret Service, they asked him to be involved in coordinating with the FBI, Military and local Law Enforcement for the 2002 Winter Olympic Security.

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