SLC Marathon

Category: Serving In Our Community Published: Monday, 12 March 2018 Written by Craige Olson

2018 Salt Lake City Marathon


This year's the marathon will be held on Saturday April 21 2018.

If you wish to volunteer please register here:


Click the REGISTER button.  Select whether you are registering as an individual or a group (e.g. family or ward).  Scroll down to the "Ham Radio Operators" section.... select the number of requested tickets, and then order a free ticket. 


NOTE: If you have a preference as to location/role/skill set - please send me an email. We will need Net controllers, SAG operators, Race Official shadows and mostly aid station volunteers. Ham radio operator roles:

- Aid Station Volunteers: These hams are based at a given aid station and this task is basically sedentary. Communicate to the net control for the aid station.

- Net Control Controllers: Net control hams basically directs all activity on the net during the event. The operators are generally experienced and these roles are assigned. However, if you are interested in watching net control, feel free to drop by later in the event if time permits.

- SAG Operators: These hams travel around in the SAG wagons and provide logistics as necessary. These radio operators need APRS enabled radios, but we can provide APRS radios if you don't have one and really want to SAG.

- Race Official Shadows: These hams will very closely "shadow" the various race officials during the event and relay vital information directly to the race official. This assignment is extremely active so be prepared to get as much exercise as one of the marathon.

Thor Femenias KF7RKO

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