Pony Express Re-ride

Category: Serving In Our Community Published: Monday, 07 May 2018 Written by Craige Olson



Starting at Ibapah Sunday, June 24, 2018 3:00 AM MDT

Ending at Barker Ranch Monday, June 25, 2018 7:30 AM MDT


Ham Radio Volunteers are needed from Ibapah to Camp Floyd then again from This is the Place to Ft Bridger.


Travel from West to East


3:00 AM Ibapah                 8:52 PM State Route 

4:26 AM Canyon                8:52 PM State Route 

5:44 AM Willow Springs     9:39 PM Murray Park

6:56 AM Boyd                    10:37 PM 800 South Street 

9:10 AM Black Rock          10:58 PM This is the Place 

10:51 AM Dugway             11:59 PM Little Mountain 

11:55 AM Riverbed           12:59 AM Big Mountain Pass

12:34 PM Simpson Springs  1:36 AM Bauchman 

2:34 PM Lookout Pass       2:21 AM Dixie Hollow 

4:05 PM Faust                   3:12 AM Henefer 

4:41 PM Rush Valley         3:58 AM Weber 

5:10 PM Five Mile Pass     5:18 AM I-80 exit 

5:36 PM Camp Floyd         6:01 AM Castle Rock 

6:12 PM Eagle Mountain   6:58 AM Wahsatch

7:01 PM Redwood Road   7:23 AM Barker Ranch


8:09 PM Point of the Mountain 11:00 AM Fort Bridger


Please contact Chuck Killian (WB6YOK) to volunteer for this historic event.

Mobile 801-791-0760

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