West Desert Amateur Radio Club Simulated Emergency Exercise

Category: Serving In Our Community Published: Sunday, 04 November 2018 Written by Craige Olson

Saturday, November 10 9:00am – 1:00pm

The West Desert Amateur Radio Club under the direction of Tooele County Emergency Management plans to conduct a simulated emergency test (SET) involving all amateur radio operators in Tooele County at 9am on Saturday, November 10, 2018.


The SET scenario is a prolonged, overnight windstorm with winds in excess of 70mph. 


All license classes are eligible to participate. Please register on this web page on the West Desert Amateur Radio Club (http://westdesertarc.org/simulated-emergency-test-november-2018/) website. Those who register will be given an assignment to accomplish during the SET and asked to report on their assignments over the air using the Tooele County linked repeater system.


If you don't have a radio available, please register to participate and note in the comments that you don't have a radio. You will be teamed up with another ham in your area for the test.


There are assignments available for all amateur radio operators, regardless of mobility or handicap issues. If you want to participate, but have issues needing accommodation, please indicate that in the comments when registering.


All hams interested in participating in the SET are encouraged to check in at least once before November 10th on the WDARC net held each week at 7pm on Thursday evenings using the Tooele County linked repeater system. This check in will help you make sure your radio is working correctly. For frequency, offset, and CTCSS information, please check out the Repeaters / Frequencies webpage (http://westdesertarc.org/simulated-emergency-test-november-2018/).


www.westdesertarc.org or call/text Roland Smith at (435) 849-1946

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