Utah Shakeout and NUHC Drill

Category: Serving In Our Community Published: Monday, 18 April 2016 Written by Johnny Rauzi
If anyone wishes to check-in from an ECC, I would encourage you to do so or simply monitor the frequencies if you like.  This year we are adding another layer to our Utah Shakeout Drill between the Davis Hospital and Davis Hospital Weber Campus for the morning exercise only.  I'll break them down into two parts. 
Part 1 begins at 1000 hours as described below.
We will use the ARES Simplex 147.420 as Primary during the first shift with the Antelope 147.040 as Secondary until 1030 then switch over to the 147.260 Promontory Repeater as Primary with the Mt Ogden 146.900 as Secondary and participate in the NUHC Drill until it ends.  At that time switch back to the Primary and Secondary frequencies.  The Morgan County group typically use the Mt Ogden Repeater because they can't always hit the Promontory Repeater so we assist them whenever possible and pass their traffic as needed.
The second shift will use 147.420 as Primary and the Antelope 147.040 as Secondary up until the ARES Net at 2030.  At that time, Antelope will be Primary so those wishing to check into the ARES Net can do so on the ARES Simplex 147.420. 
Michelle will provide the assignment list to the Weber Campus front desk so they can check your ID and get you back to radio room.  I'll be at the Davis Hospital for both shifts so we'll plan on meeting in the main lobby at 0955 and 1855 hours then go back to the radio room.
If you know someone who would like to participate with you, send me their name, call sign, cell and email by Wednesday morning so I can add them to the final assignment sheet.
Johnny K7ZZQ

Part 2, the NUHC Drill portion begins at 1030 see the instructions below. 
FYI, our portion may only last 20-30 minutes depending on how many check-ins there are but a two hour time block was set aside for debriefing, etc.  Again, begin monitoring the Promontory and Mt Ogden Repeaters until the Ham Radio portion is over.
Subject: NUHC Communication Drill
Date: April 21
Time: 10:30 - 12:30
800 MHz = Hospital Commons
Ham = 147.260 - (tone 103.5) Promontory Point. BARC System
            146.720 - (tone 103.5) Mt. Logan. BARC System
            145.310 - (tone 103.5) Red Spur. BARC System
            146.900 - (tone 123.0) Mt. Ogden. Ogden Amateur Radio Club (For Morgan County only, if needed).
Satellite Phone: Call on 435-994-1124
At 10:30 we'll have a communication system set up at the Cache County EOC where Cache ARES and myself will answer radios and phones for each of you to test your 800 MHz, Ham and Satellite Phones.
When you check in with us you will give us your status (pretend), i.e., fully operational; partially operational; non-operational; facility damaged, but still functioning; damaged and needing evacuation; facility in good shape, but no electricity or culinary water; functional, but on backup power, etc. So, give some thought to where your facility is and how you would fair during/after a 7.0 earthquake in the Salt Lake Valley and report that to us.
Once you've checked in we'll give you a task to fulfill where you'll contact another organization and either offer assistance or request assistance. If possible please plan to be available from your check in time and for about another 20-30 minutes so we can connect you for your task.
If you haven't done so, please let me know which devices you plan to exercise and a close proximity of the time you'll be available.
If you have any questions please get with me. Otherwise, we'll be talking on Thursday.
Thanks everybody!
Kevin Christensen


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