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SLC Marathon

Category: Serving In Our Community
Published: Monday, 12 March 2018
Written by Craige Olson

2018 Salt Lake City Marathon


This year's the marathon will be held on Saturday April 21 2018.

If you wish to volunteer please register here:


Click the REGISTER button.  Select whether you are registering as an individual or a group (e.g. family or ward).  Scroll down to the "Ham Radio Operators" section.... select the number of requested tickets, and then order a free ticket. 


NOTE: If you have a preference as to location/role/skill set - please send me an email. We will need Net controllers, SAG operators, Race Official shadows and mostly aid station volunteers. Ham radio operator roles:

- Aid Station Volunteers: These hams are based at a given aid station and this task is basically sedentary. Communicate to the net control for the aid station.

- Net Control Controllers: Net control hams basically directs all activity on the net during the event. The operators are generally experienced and these roles are assigned. However, if you are interested in watching net control, feel free to drop by later in the event if time permits.

- SAG Operators: These hams travel around in the SAG wagons and provide logistics as necessary. These radio operators need APRS enabled radios, but we can provide APRS radios if you don't have one and really want to SAG.

- Race Official Shadows: These hams will very closely "shadow" the various race officials during the event and relay vital information directly to the race official. This assignment is extremely active so be prepared to get as much exercise as one of the marathon.

Thor Femenias KF7RKO

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


May 19th Rides need SAG help

Category: Serving In Our Community
Published: Thursday, 01 February 2018
Written by Craige Olson

May 19, 2018 8:00 AM until approximately 4:00 PM

Angel Hands Foundation - Ride with the Angels 

We are 1 month away from the annual Ride with the Angels Bike Ride which supports the Angel Hands Foundation ( The families that staff the rest stops are the families that benefit from the funds raised by this ride.


This ride has 3 distances and starts at the Copperton Park.  All riders leave Copperton and head toward Utah County along Mountain View.  The 25 mile riders turn around at the South end of Mountain View at Porter Rockwell and head back to the park.  The 50 mile riders continue into Utah County to Saratoga before heading back.  The metric century riders make a loop into Eagle Mountain then head to Saratoga and then back to the park.


I am still in need of:

1 - Net Control

1 - SAG driver

1 to 3 more Rest Stop Comms


 If you can help please go to this link to sign up: or you can find the link to the event on the web site.


2 of the SAG routes for this event are in Utah County so I'd like to get more Utah County hams involved in the event.


There are 3 events on this day and I know that many of you have signed up for one of them.  If you know of any new hams looking to get involved please forward this email to them.




Roger Graves - AE7RG



May 19, 2018 6:30 AM until approximately 4:00 PM

Utah School Employee Association -  Tim Wangsgaard Memorial Ride 4 Education

In one month on May 19th will be the second annual Tim Wangsgaard Memorial Annual Ride for Education supporting Utah Schools and the Utah School Employee Association.


This is an out and back ride starting and ending at Snowhorse Elementary School in Kaysville and is a Metric Century (60 mile) rid e out to Plain City and back.  There is also a Half Metric Century (30 mile) option and an 8km (5 mile) "family" ride down the Denver & Rio Grande Western Rail Trail.


There are only two rest stops on this ride, one at Meadow Creek Village Park (century riders hit this rest stop twice, it's the turn around point for the half century riders)  and the other at Plain City Park.


We need the following volunteers:

1 - Net Control

1 - 3 folks at rest stops

1 -  SAG drivers

1 -  Bicycle Mobile Ride Marshals (1 for the family route and 4 each for the full and half century)

1 - Event Staff Shadow


I know some of you have already signed up to help with the Ride with the Angels, but if you haven't please consider signing up for this ride and help our Utah Schools.  Follow this link to get to the sign up page:


Mickey KE7NZA 

Front Runner Century May 5th

Category: Serving In Our Community
Published: Sunday, 28 January 2018
Written by Craige Olson

8th Annual Front Runner Century - May 5th 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Start - Intermodal Hub 300 S 600 W, SLC

Finish - Ogden Front Runner Station 2350 Wall Ave. Ogden


This is a one-way ride from the UTA Intermodal Hub in downtown Salt Lake City to the Ogden Front Runner Station. Bicycles are transported back to Salt Lake via truck while riders get to experience the Front Runner to get back home. This is a METRIC Century ride with only ONE ride distance option of 60 miles.  There are three rest stop locations along with the starting line in Salt Lake City and Net Control at the finish line in Ogden.  We need a minimum of 4 SAG vehicles.  We would like at least 1 dedicated shuttle vehicle and motorcycle lead.  The event support starts at 7:30 AM and ends at approximately 4:00 PM.


It is anticipated that this event will hit it's rider cap of 1000 participants this year.


The Front Runner Century supports the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America as well as the U.S. Navy and Air Force Volunteer groups.


We need volunteers for Net Control, SAG, Shuttle, Rest Stop, Motorcycle Lead, Bicycle Mobile Ride Marshals and staff shadows.


To volunteer for this event please follow this LINK



Davis Cup Marching Band Support October 11th

Category: Serving In Our Community
Published: Thursday, 18 August 2016
Written by Johnny Rauzi

Our club has been asked to support the Davis Cup Marching Band Competition on Tuesday October 11th this year.  We need the War Wagon brought to Davis High School the morning of the competition or the evening before.   I'll be out of the area and we need someone to coordinate the event this year.  It would require you to meet with the Band Committee and schedule the Ham Radio Volunteers.  Not a large task as many people who supported it in previous years come back.  Please notify me if you are able to help.

Johnny - K7ZZQ

North Salt Lake City Fireworks Event

Category: Serving In Our Community
Published: Monday, 13 June 2016
Written by Chad Rapier


North Salt Lake City will be hosting their annual  fireworks event on July 2nd, at Eaglewood Golf Course.  The public is invited to this event, and continues to be an exciting event every year, that attracts thousand of people for this event.


What will we be doing? We will be communicating with the attendees about the keep out area, and the NSLPD about anything we see or hear.  We are keeping folks out of the fireworks keep out zone, off of the greens, out of the skydiver landing zone, out of the possible RC airplane pilot areas, and out of the ponds.  We will also be watching for lost children or other (medical, or disturbance) problems and generally being extra eyes and ears for the NSLPD. We help with the vendor parking entrance, prior to the golf course opening.

It is very laid back, and you have the opportunity for a front seat to the fireworks; I have a lot of couples come together to help out, get some vendor food, watch the activities and the fireworks.  It is a super easy way to help the community, practice a little radio, and get some entertainment in! We have a flyover scheduled this year, and skydivers will drop in on us too.  There are vendors, and most of the time there is a potluck dinner with NSLPD.


The Incident Commander holds a briefing at 16:00, with an event opening at 18:00, parking at the golf course is available by pass for volunteers. We will have the SDMFA Command Center with us to use, and can use the golf carts for transport.  If you can come at 16:00, please do so, to help cover the parking lot entrances.  Otherwise plan on being there at 18:00.  I have room in my vehicle if you would like to be up there at 16:00 and leave approximately 23:00. We will use the ARES simplex frequencies 145.570 Mhz (primary) and 145.750 Mhz (backup) for the event. Talk-in will be on 145.570. No tone or codes needed.


Questions? Want to sign up? Please feel free to contact me.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Home 801-683-8279 Cell 435-512-6425 Thank you for your help!

I will send out an email with more details a few weeks in advance, with details about frequencies and parking.


The Eaglewood Golf Course address is:


1110 E. Eaglewood Dr., North Salt Lake, UT 84054              WEB:

The city event calendar item is at


Thank you to our Sponsors!